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How And When Was the PARADAX AI-1 Created?

Updated: Jan 6

The concept is very easy to describe but not easy to pull off!

When was the idea first pursued?

In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, there was ample time to work on dream projects at home. The concept of the 'Cart in the Bag' had been creeping and crawling in the back of Jeff's head for years but was never completely fleshed out.

Have others tried?

The short answer is yes! There have patents granted since apx 1928 that relate to a cart coming out of a golf bag. Again in '30, and 35 and 36.... you get the idea.

"Nothing new under the sun"

Since none of these patented ideas ever seemed to make it to market, or gain much traction, there was always room for 'the better mouse trap' as it were. Several years later, a provisional patent was filed, along with the creation of the first working (albeit rough) prototype.

Who are the engineers?

Good question!!

The first engineer that was tapped to help turn this idea into reality was a very talented fellow with years of experience working on light weight wheel chairs, among other things, and later, as luck would have it, they met 2 other engineers from the east coast with experience designing golf bags for major brands and retailers.

When will the AI-1 be available for purchase?

The final prototype is coming along nicely and should be at the Paradax office by early summer, '22.

Then, with some final fit and finish adjustments, the first order of 100 will be placed so they can be tried out in the real world.

Then, should things go to plan, the final version will be available for purchase by the first of the year, 2023.

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