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Why is the PARADAX AI-1 So Unique?

Updated: Jan 6

For the first time ever, a fully functioning 3-wheeled push cart has been effortlessly hidden from view, inside of a standard looking cart bag.

Imagine how much easier it will be to carry only your golf bag with you, to and from the golf course. You will NEVER AGAIN have to carry a huge, heavy push cart around, EVER AGAIN!!

(many weigh over 20 lbs.)

Several other companies in the past few years have attempted to pull off this feat of art, science and sport, with little to no success!

The PARADAX design has fulfilled it's two initial promises:

  1. The bag must look and function like a standard cart bag when not unfolded for pushing.

  2. When in use as a cart/bag it must look and perform exactly as well or better than a standard push cart with a bag strapped to it.

Enjoy the fantastically simple, all-in-one design of the PARADAX AI-1 as soon as they are available. It will change the way you think about walking a round of golf.

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