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The Paradax AI-1
Cart Bag


The Revolution in Golf Carts Has Begun

How It Works!

Mode 1. Closed Position

Mode 2. Wheels On

Mode 3. Completely Opened.

Choose From These Exciting Colors

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Our Story

Always driven to push the boundaries, we at Paradax Golf endeavor to Inspire with true innovation in every product we offer.

Look at our totally unique 'Cart in the Bag' fan favorite, which is our exclusive fully functioning 3-wheeled push cart that grows magically from a standard looking cart bag with a couple of pushes and pulls. There's nothing 'standard' about it!

30 seconds from your car's trunk to the 1st tee.

And don't forget our 'collarless' collared shirts that always look tidy and classy. Our shirts are custom designed in-house to bring you that exclusive country club ready, two-toned look that you won't find anywhere else.

And last but not least, look for our extra large, windproof Paradax golf umbrellas.


Coming Soon. AI-1 HOVER

The Paradax AI-1 (All in 1) Cart Bag

is a patent pending design that combines the effortless convenience of a 3 wheel push cart with the beauty and functionality of a standard cart bag. The combination of the two is so simple to describe, yet hard to believe!


It's revolutionary, space-saving design has never been seen before in such a beautiful and convenient package.


Never again will you haul a 20 pound cart along with your golf bag. Who has that kind of room in their trunk. And imagine the space saving advantage if your partner or child also plays. The Paradax weighs only 6 pounds more than a standard cart bag, including the built in cart. Wow!

Whether you're riding or walking, your Paradax Cart Bag is always ready when you are.

Can you imagine anyone going back to the horse and buggy after their first ride in a car?

Horse and Buggy Anyone? 
I Didn't Think So.



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