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  • How is the Paradax CartBag so Unique?
    The Paradax is the only product on the market that combines a standard looking golf cart bag (meant to be placed on a riding or push cart) with a 3-wheel cart, hidden inside. Whether you choose to walk or ride, the Paradax is always ready!
  • How much does a traditional cart and bag cost when purchased separately?
    Typically, a cart bag comprable to the Paradax in looks and quality will cost apx $250 and sold separately, a collapsible push cart of similar quality, such as the Clicgear or Sun Mountain carts will set you back apx $250 for a whopping total of $500. The Paradax sells for only $399 and is substantially easier and more versatile to carry around than the 2 pieces described above.
  • How much more does the Paradax weigh than a standard cart bag?
    The Paradax, with cart built right in, weighs only 6 lbs more than a standard cart bag.
  • Can we order custom colors for our school teams and how about customizing the back panel with our school logo and player's name?
    Yes we will accept special orders for schools. A minimum order of 10 bags must be placed to enjoy the custom logo design, player's name and custom color. Simply reach out to us by filling out the boxes on the contact page and we will call you promptly to go over details of the order.


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